Let us help.


What is TeleMental Health?

Telehealth for mental and behavioral health can be an answer to some of the unmet needs in rural communities.

We've developed a communications toolkit to reach and engage audiences around the use of telehealth for mental and behavioral health- or TeleMental Health. Our campaign objectives include:

  • Increasing the number of telehealth visits for mental and behavioral health issues.
  • Decreasing the use of emergency room visits for mental and behavioral health issues.
  • Decreasing the distances traveled for care for those living in rural areas, and improving the timeliness of visits for mental health referrals.

The concept for the campaign is Let us help. It addresses the barriers that may be keeping those living in rural areas from seeking care such as transportation, time, stigma, and privacy. It also addresses barriers healthcare providers may experience. It reassuringly asks each individual and provider to Let us help. 

Click here to view TeleMental Health supporting guides.

Learn More: Telehealth Resources

For more information, please contact zomi.bloom@wildernesshealthmn.org. If you or someone else is in mental health crisis, please dial 911 for medical emergencies or 988 for crisis response.