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Wilderness Health is a collaborative of independent providers working together to improve health care in Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin.

There is value in keeping health care local. Creating sustainable health care models that aim to low costs and increase quality of care helps us keep health care in our communities. Through smart strategies, such as shared services and accountable care organizations (ACOs), Wilderness Health will lead the transformation for rural health care systems.

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“It is the hope and promise of accomplishing more working together than on our own that has us excited about being a founding member.”

Rick Breuer, CEO/Administrator | Community Memorial Hospital, Cloquet, MN



Improving Rural Mental Health Care: “Upstream & Downstream Solutions”

Improving Rural Mental Health Care: “Upstream & Downstream Solutions”

November 30, 2023

BY DAVID BEARD, PhD, ZOMI BLOOM, MBA, AND CHANCE LASHER When a patient presents with a mental health issue, the physician’s biggest challenge can be connecting the patient to the help needed. The patient may seem engaged and thankful for the referral, but this enthusiasm can vanish quickly. The patient may never make an appointment, or may make an appointment and become a no-show. For patients living in greater Minnesota, lack of mental health provider options and greater travel times can exacerbate these concerns.  Read More 

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