Mission:  Partners advancing rural healthcare.

The purpose of our organization is to advance patient and community health outcomes, improve the patient experience, and lower the costs of providing health care services by working together with our members to explore ways to provide services more effectively and efficiently to the general public and the health care community as a whole.  We are specifically focused on health issues in the mostly rural communities our members serve.

Core Values: Collaboration, Independence, Networking, Quality

Strategic Priorities:

Continue to Advance Value-Based Care Development

The members of Wilderness Health know that the move to alternative payment models will continue to occur as one of the methods to address the ongoing rise of health care costs.   Many of our members are too small on an individual basis to do this work on their own.

Together, Wilderness Health members see themselves as playing a vital role in our region to address and improve health care outcomes and costs for patients in our communities.

Develop a Telehealth Program to enhance access and capacity within the network

Wilderness Health is committed to improving access to medical care. Through our HRSA RHND grant we are funding a Telehealth program that will improve awareness and access to mental and behavioral health services throughout Rural Northeastern Minnesota. Through this grant we aim to build a sustainable telehealth program that will bring further access to specialty care in the future.

Our telehealth program is committed to bringing the best care possible. By partnering with local entities for marketing and community outreach we have been able to bring education to the community, gain valuable feedback and further our efforts in accessible care.

Cultivate a Talent Pool Strategy

Wilderness Health supports network talent pool and workforce needs by:

  • Providing network educational and training development opportunities-including clinical and leadership development
  • Cultivating networking and peer learning opportunities
  • Exploring and collaborating on recruitment and retention mechanisms that support a sustainable and vital healthcare workforce